Radiology Promos is a subdivision of the parent company Swagmatic, LLC.  I created Radiology Promos at the same time my partner and I started Swagmatic because I wanted to share my passion for the unique line of products I have been creating since 2007.  Back then, it started with a request from one of my customers who had an Open MRI Center and wanted a special design to showcase the services they offered; the item also had to be practical, affordable and generic enough to sit atop just about any recipient’s desk.  Working within the customer’s scope of needs, I took a basic item, a mouse pad, and customized its shape to resemble a brain, added a year-at-a-glance calendar reference to some unique, full color, MRI-themed artwork and, Voila!, my first custom radiology item was born!

After that, I worked on more items for that same customer and reached out to the other few clients I had who were within the same industry.  Then, I found myself looking for a greater challenge so I started cold calling new MRI and CT centers and radiologists, sharing the exclusive concepts I had conjured up with each marketing rep, and the majority of the contacts were receptive to what I was putting out there.  The overall acceptance was so empowering that I decided to start attending trade-specific marketing shows; in 2008, I featured myself and my ideas at the RSNA show in Chicago and, in 2009, I began attending the RBMA show annually.  Eventually, projects started rolling in and, not only did I have the chance to create innovative art concepts for standard promotional industry items, but I also began cornering the market in custom molds and designs, forming never-before-seen items, fashioned in the shape of different MRI and CT scanners.  Some of my favorite concepts, to date, have been: a radiology themed wall clock; skeletal hand images printed on transparent Mylar sticky flags, offering an x-ray film appearance of a finger pointing; a ceramic mug molded with a hole in its center and decorated with custom MRI scanner artwork; and the Warhol-styled transparent tumbler artwork, as well.

Looking back on that very first mouse pad, it seems so basic and novel but, after truly reflecting on my history in the radiological industry, I realized that, unknown to me at the time, that very mouse pad was also the first step in the creation of Swagmatic and Radiology Promos back in 2010.  The artistic side of swag had been lost to the abundance of internet distributors available to the consumer and I wanted to bring that back, not to one specific market but to all businesses, regardless of their size or marketing budget.  Having been in the industry for 10 years, at that point, I had found a successful niche but, more importantly, I had found a way to incorporate my distinct individuality into my everyday job.  A basic job had turned into a career and that inspired me to turn my career turned into my dream: this company!